After our first visit to Europe in 2019 for our 9th conference in Barcelona we return to Thailand to celebrate our 10th, just a few kilometers from Jomtien where we held our very first meeting in 2011. With the reliance on tourism Thailand remains an exceptional location for service & value for money & as our current membership is predominantly Asia-based we expect a record turn-out in 2020. Also to celebrate our 10th anniversary we want to ensure that all aspects of the event are to perfection, a lot easier & convenient to manage with our conference & support teams also based in Thailand.

The intention for future events will be to alternate between Asia and Europe/M.East/Africa & Americas time zones so that all members get the opportunity to attend an event relatively near to their home location.

Although the meeting will focus on One-on-One sessions, our One-on-One Scheduler opening 3-4 weeks before the meeting to allow you to plan your campaign and make your appointments in advance, we will allocate time for workshops & team building in order to further develop the Lognet Global culture & camaraderie. We encourage delegates to make use of our exceptional hotel accommodation during the event to maximize the opportunities for interaction with our team, our service partners and, most importantly, Lognet Global members.

Lognet Global conferences are exclusive to members and attendance is crucial in order to maximize the benefit of membership. It's essential that your company is represented; take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with members, create new partnerships & develop existing relationships for the growth & success of your business.

The key to providing personal service that sets the independent freight forwarder apart from the multi-nationals is knowing that all parties involved in handling a shipment are professional, capable and are totally focused on the needs of the client & their partners. The face-to-face meetings and knowing the people you are dealing with by first name, is the only way to build the confidence necessary for members to commit their hard-earned business to another agent, and what could be more satisfying than ‘working with friends’!

We look forward to seeing you all in Pattaya!